The Journey Begins

I remember the day we decided to move. We had a house full of stuff and no idea where to start. For instance… Do you just buy boxes or do you save money and drive around town grabbing every Chick-fil-A fry box you can get your hands on? (We ended up doing both!) Making the decision to move is overwhelming but taking the first step of getting the boxes to the house felt like a huge victory. 

The whole concept of adoption has seemed a lot like moving. The questions alone make it feel overwhelming at times. Should we or shouldn’t we? International or domestic? Foster or adopt? Age, gender, race, special needs? Who do we call? How do we do a home study? How could we possibly afford it? How do we fundraise in a way that doesn’t abuse John’s position within the church? Where do we even start?

The truth is, sometimes the hardest thing about a journey is deciding to take the first step. For you it may look different than it has for us but, our first step was a phone call to some friends who have recently adopted. We asked them to share their story and what we should expect. After our phone call they asked if they could connect us with the lady who conducted their home study. Fast forward a week and we are officially in the process of filling out paperwork and beginning to plan our fundraising efforts. We are excited to share with you that we have taken the first step and are officially adopting! 

As we begin 2019 we would love for you to stay up to date on ways you can pray for us, support us, and be a part of bringing the newest Oliver home by following our blog. 

– John & Kristen 

The truth is, sometimes the hardest thing about a journey is deciding to take the first step. 



29 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Marcia Brock

    Congratulations!!! That is such exciting news! I will be praying for you and looking forward to watching God at work through the adoption!!


  2. Suzanne Turton

    Not an easy journey with so many questions and decisions!! Wes and I used to think every parent should have to do 70 pages of paper work and answer parenting questions before bringing a baby into a family! Will pray for you through your process. Though we haven’t recently adopted, we did go through the process and it was a great experience to see God’s power and presence through it all. (Our agency was Bethany Christian Services).


  3. Janell

    What wonderful news! I will pray daily for you and pray that if your child has already been born that it is happy and well cared for, waiting for Gods perfect timing to find you!!


  4. Reba White

    How exciting along with a little frightening at times. Praying for good news for you and for that blessed child God will bring you.


  5. Lori Hart

    It’s a roller coaster but through our adoption journey God’s hand seen the most visible in anything we’ve ever experienced. Pray and trust God to guide your path and He will. Love ya’ll and let us know if you have any questions.


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