Where do we go from Here?

Between our T-Shirt sales and donations we are happy to report as of today our Home Study has full funding! (SIDE NOTE: Please keep buying t-shirts, donating, etc. anything over and above Home Study Costs will go towards the remaining costs ahead of us, which is a LARGE amount.) Did you read that right? Six days in and we have full funding for our HOME STUDY! This is such an amazing thing for us to be able to say! We are thrilled and have shed a few happy, overwhelmed tears at clearing our first financial hurdle.

That begs the question… Where do we go from here? Through this post, Kristen and I will attempt to outline the next steps and the reality of our timeline for you all.

Step One: Paperwork

By paperwork I really mean a small novel. Which includes but is not limited to… medical clearance, background checks, water and septic inspections, drug screenings, TB testing, child abuse registry checks, just to name a FEW!

Step Two: The Home Study

Many of you have asked who we are going through for our adoption and which type of adoption we are doing. We have connected with a lady out of Athens, GA to help us along the way. She comes highly recommended from friends of ours who have recently brought home their first child and she has been the perfect fit for us. Kristen and I really have enjoyed getting to work with her already. Once we receive the money from our t-shirt sales at the end of January we will hopefully have paperwork in hand and begin our in-person interviews as she comes to inspect and approve our home study.

Step Three: Placement

Once we have passed our home study we will begin receiving information on babies that are available for us to adopt. Kristen and I have chosen to do a domestic private adoption. This is the cheapest route and the one we feel led to do. Once we match with the birth mother we will go pick up the baby! Which means we will need the funds in order to pick up our child. We have been told this could be weeks or months but will not go into 2020.

The Reality of The Cost of Adoption

Between our home study, legal fees, medical fees, travel, and post placement visits we are looking at 16-23 thousand dollars in order for us to bring home Baby Oliver. This seems like an insurmountable amount of money to us but if we have learned anything from 2018 it is that God will do what only He can do, if we choose to trust Him with what He is calling us to do. We believe that God will provide the money that we need between us saving, selling products, and the generosity of God’s people. Simply put we cannot do this without God and without you.

If you are interested in contributing anything to help us, please follow the donate tab for the ways we have currently for you to give online or purchase from us online. We have also had some ask to send us checks or money in the mail, if that is you please email me at JohnOliver412@gmail.com and I will send you our address.

As always we ask that you join us in prayer for the birth mother, and for God to be glorified in us as we choose to be satisfied in Him throughout this process!

Please help us spread the word by sharing our blog on your social media pages! We love you all!

-John & Kristen Oliver


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