“Hearts For Henry”

First let’s start with a quick update from our appointments last week…. Thursday was a busy day with appointments and it started with our last high risk appointment. We got to see Henry on a 3D ultrasound (picture below). Everything continues to look good, no excess fluid, all organs/anatomy look normal and no change in his lip or palate that they can see. We won’t know a severity until he is actually here, it’s not something they can see on an ultrasound.

Sweet littler cheeks

Later that day I had an appointment at the cleft clinic to meet the surgeon, nurses and get acclimated with the office. It was so good to have this before he is here so that we feel comfortable with his team of doctors that we will be spending a lot of time with and for me to be able to explain our story a little bit and get to share the beauty of adoption with them. The doctor explained different stuff about what the next couple of years will look like for us. We will see him for our next visit within a week after delivery and then weekly/biweekly after that. Along with seeing him, we will see ENT, speech/feeding therapy and orthodontist regularly (weekly/biweekly) for the first year. He will have his first surgery between 3 and 5 months of age and then his second between 9 and 10 months of age. It’s going to be a long and tough journey but we know that it will be a beautiful one and one that the Lord is all over already.

We have our 36 week ultrasound tomorrow and will get updated pictures (will share later) and we will schedule our induction. We are thinking it will probably be scheduled the week of Valentines Day but we’ll know more tomorrow. Please pray for that appointment and that Henry is still looking good and healthy.

Some of you have seen our friends share “Hearts for Henry” and we wanted to make sure we share it here as well. With all the medical expenses, traveling expenses to and from Atlanta, overnight stays in the hospital for surgeries, our friends have asked if they could help with the cost by making Valentines Day earrings and 100% of proceeds will help with our expenses over the next couple of months. Please check them out on Facebook at Eliza Claire Defined. (Check picture)

A few people have asked if we are having a baby shower or if we are registered…. yes we are having a drive by shower (due to COVID) this Sunday, January 24 from 2-4 at Rosemont Baptist Church. I will share the invitation below for those of you that would like to stop by.

As always we went to say thank you for your continued prayers and support. We could not go through this journey without them. We ask that you continue to pray for Henry’s birth mom, that God would guard and protect her heart, that she would have support from her friends and family, and that she would see the beauty of The Lord in this process. She is such a blessing to us and have enjoyed every minute of this journey with her. She is so strong and brave and we pray that The Lord uses her and this journey is such a powerful way.


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