Who needs an epidural?

We started self quarantining and limiting exposure on February 1st. With Henry due to arrive on February 15th and Kristen going in as the support person, we wanted to avoid getting “The Rona” as best we could. Kristen stayed home, and I worked from the Student Shed at church away from everyone else. Everything was going exactly as planned, which is excellent! We lined up assistance with Hazel while we would be out with Henry on the 15th, and Kristen had made every preparation I could think of for my mom and Kristen’s mom to watch her while we were away. Of course, when you make plans, things rarely work out exactly like you think!

Yesterday, Henry decided it was time to make his debut! Only six days ahead of schedule!

Here’s a look into our day:

So the day started with our regular OB appointment which we didn’t think anything different because birth mom wasn’t feeling any different than the week before. After being checked she was told to head to the hospital; she was at 4cm. Once she was checked in, they told her they would monitor her for an hour and then recheck her (since he water hadn’t broke yet). She told us that she would just keep us updated at the next check in an hour, 30 minutes later she called and said “come on up, we’re delivering a baby today.” needless to say, I franticly tried to get as much stuff done as I could until John got back to pick me up to take me to the hospital. I got up there around 1:15, and she was get hooked up and “getting settled in.” Doctor came in 20-30 minutes later to break water and we were told “we’re going to try and have this baby before shift change at 7.” 30 minutes later, contracions were excruciating, so they sent the anesthesiologist in and epidural was officially in by 2:45. John kept asking if we were going to have a baby before Hazels naptime was over, I told him twice, no the epidural will slow it down usually. Needless to say…. At 2:55 I text him and said “we’re having a baby right now.” (who needs an epidural) 3:17…… WE HAVE A BABY!!!

Needless to say, it was a crazy day! It went by so fast. But we are officially a family of four. Please continue to pray for: 1. Our birth mother. 2. Henry’s feeding so we can go home. 3. Our family as we begin our cleft journey. We love you all! Say “Hey” to Henry!

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