So when will they fix it?

I feel like a lot has happened since we last updated you. Sorry about that. (I’ve also sat down to write this blog 4 different times 🤦🏼‍♀️)

The NAM…. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back and read the last post). So thing s didn’t get any better, it was torture putting it in, he wouldn’t eat with it in and he was basically inconsolable with it. We talked with our cleft team after we battled with it for almost three weeks and decided that it was best if we took it out and didn’t use it anymore. Our feeding therapist said that if he was going to get use to it, it would happen before 2-3 weeks. Our surgeon said that it’s basically trial and error with every baby. Some babies take it well and love it, but most babies hate it and do not do well with it.

As a mom (and dad), we had guilt and battled with the idea of stopping the NAM because we felt like we were failing him for not pushing through it. If it was something that was going to help him in the long run, why can’t we just deal with it and keep going. I talked to our nurse and shared our concerns with her and she reassured me that we have to make the best decision for us and Henry and that it is 100% OK for us to discontinue the NAM. She said that our surgeon is the chief of plastic surgery at CHOA and atlanta plastic surgery and has been doing this for over 30 years, he’s going to do great regardless of him wearing the NAM or not. This made us feel so much better.

The question we have gotten the most from people is “when are they going to fix his lip?” As innocent as this question is, it’s hard not to get defensive when someone asks. Yes we know that his lip needs to be repaired but we think he is perfect and when we hear that question, we hear “when are they going to fix HIM,” not “when are they going to do his lip repair.” One thing is for sure, we are definitely going to miss his cleft. We have loved it from the beginning and now with his little smile… 😍

As of May 17,2021, Henry will no longer have a hole in his lip. That’s right surgery for his lip repair is in less than one month!! So crazy! He will have his palate surgery later this year but this first surgery is huge. We are so blessed to have such an amazing surgeon and team working with us and Henry. Please pray for his team as they prepare for the surgery, pray for Henry and his recovery and pray for our hearts and emotions as he goes in for his surgery. The thing people have told us, is the hardest part of this whole thing is walking into recovery after his lip repair because he will literally look like a totally different baby. If all goes well and he is tolerating the pain well, we will only have to stay in the hospital for one night. So we are praying for that as well.

Back up one week and we have EXCITING news. As of May 10, 2021, Henry will officially be Henry Kyle OLIVER!!!!!! What?????? Our adoption day is May 10. We are so excited.

We have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks and we are so excited to see what is to come. Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this journey.

As always, please continue to pray for Henry’s birth mom as well as Hazels birth mom. These women are so strong and we are forever thankful for them.

Love you guys,



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