Tomorrow will be better

People have been asking how Henry is doing now that we are 6 days post surgery and I keep forgetting to give a little update.

Our biggest thing right now is eating. In the hospital he was drinking 4 oz every 3 hours (even through the night) and then most of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday he was doing about the same. Wednesday he was getting really aggravated but we just associated it with pain and his “no no’s” (arm restraints). He was fussing a lot and I just said “we will only go up from here, tomorrow will be better.” Then Thursday hit, now he didn’t want to eat more than two ounces and he would scream off and on pretty much all day. Pain medicine was consistently every 4 hours so we didn’t feel like that was the issue but we also noticed he wanted to sleep more, which I had no complaints about that. Again I said “tomorrow will be better.” Well Friday rolled around and we got worse, not eating well, extremely fussy, wanting to sleep most of the day and the only way he was content if he was awake was if we were standing up bouncing him. If was a long day.

Today, Saturday, I thought surely we’re getting somewhere and it’s going to be better…. nope. I ended up calling the pediatrician because he went all night (10 hours) and had a dry diaper when he woke up, which I know of not normal. I was worried about dehydration because he wasn’t drinking enough. This might be TMI but he hadn’t had a dirty diaper since leaving the hospital either, so that was a concern too. Waiting to hear back from the doctor, I went ahead and starting feeding him more frequently with mixing his formula with pedialyte to give it a little flavor and that seemed to help some and he also had a BM (he just needed me to talk about it). His last feeding he took a full 4oz (it just took a little while). He will eat one more time before heading to bed and I have high hopes that “tomorrow will be better.”

Healing: it seems to be healing well, we are just waiting for the stitches to dissolve and the surgical glue to wear off. Right now it looks like a big booger in his nose that needs to come out. I have learned that I have more self control that I thought I did. (this momma is a picker and it has been EXTREMELY hard not to pick it out)

In-between the fussy spells he does have some really sweet moments that we try and capture. He is such a sweet baby and I just can’t wait for him to be fully back to himself. Enjoy some of the sweetest noises and smiles from the past couple of days.

Please continue to pray that he continues to eat well and also for our patience with one another. Having a child that needs a little extra care has definitely not been easy but we are figuring it out one day at a time.

Thank you all for the continued prayers

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