Expect the unexpected

I had a conversation recently about “guilty pleasures.” I think most everyone has at least one. It may be dipping graham crackers in chocolate, banana mayonnaise sandwiches (Kristen), or drizzling honey on vanilla ice cream (John). It doesn’t necessarily have to be food either. For Kristen and I, we have a show we watch every summer called “Big Brother.” Sixteen people get locked in a house together, and they compete all summer long in endurance and mental competitions. Throughout their time in the house, you see friendships and rivalries form. Houseguests have to nominate and vote out one houseguest a week until it is down to the final two houseguests, all for a chance to win $500,000. One thing you hear on the show every night is, “Expect the unexpected.”

When Hazel turned one year old in June, Kristen and I had already begun discussing when we would be active again for adoption #2. We settled in on January of 2021, being our target date. Around the same time as Hazel’s birthday, Kristen began to have a reoccurring dream that Hazel’s birth mother was pregnant. Kristen felt this was God’s way of prompting her that we did not need to drag our feet, but that we should go ahead and be on the active list again. So as of a month ago, we began slowly doing paperwork again to get ready for round two. Well, expect the unexpected folks. Hazel’s birth mother alerted us that she believes she is expecting again a few weeks ago. We do not know any details other than that. Regardless of if it is to be this situation or another, we know that now is the time to put our “Yes!” on the table again. If there is ANYTHING we learned the last time around, it is that God is still in the miracle business. We’ve seen Him move mountains, and we believe He will do it again.

Please join us on this journey! We need your prayers and support to make this happen. One way you can support us right out of the gate is to purchase one of our new adoption t-shirts. CLICK THE LINK HERE to go purchase one and share our blog!


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