You want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s start with the good news!! As of 1pm today (Wednesday November 10), we are discharged and heading home. Henry has had a great morning. He slept in 2 hour increments last night from about 9pm-6am, so not horrible. Once his anesthesia and nerve block …

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Pray with us

A little over a month ago we announced that we were starting the process of fostering with the hopes of adoption. As of Saturday, we are officially done with our foster training, our paperwork’s done and we are waiting for our home study walk through. Today we ask for specific prayers. The TPR (terminate parental …

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Thank you

As we were awaiting the OR opening up this morning, I leaned over and told Henry, “You have people praying for you all over the world, son!” The knowledge of Henry’s name being offered up in prayers gave us the confidence we needed as they rolled him away. We ended up getting to our room …

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