What to expect

It’s me again, so sorry in advance for the bad grammar, run on sentences and possible repeating what I have already said. When you’re chancing a toddler, cleaning the house and trying to run two businesses, sometimes things get a little crazy.

We had our second high risk appointment today for Henry to check his lip/palate and to make sure there isn’t a fluid build up. The doctor told us that he is weighing 2 lbs 13 oz (which is in the 54% for gestation). We are currently 28 weeks and 4 days, however he is measuring 8 days ahead of schedule (so we might have us a valentines baby after all).

As for his lip and palate, everything continues to look good, no real change but he did say “it’s definitely prominent,” but all other anatomy seems to be forming correctly. The fluid levels all look good and there isn’t currently an issue with that. We will see the high risk doctor again in 6 weeks and as long as everything continues to look good at that appointment, we will just follow up with the regular OB as normal until birth. Thank you for all your prayers for this, please continue to pray that the fluid stays stable and that he will not have to deliver early for any reason.

While speaking with the doctor, he told us that we will need to contact the the plastic surgeon team in Atlanta to get set up with a consultation and from there we will get the information that we need. So of course I called right away and we have a consultation in January with the surgeon. This appointment will be mainly to get to know the doctor, get information, and make sure that we are completely prepared for his arrival in February.

Somethings that I have learned today about what to expect once he is here (more details will be confirmed after our appointment in January). We will have a whole team of doctors that we will be working with, from plastic surgeons, to ENT, to dentist/orthodontist, speech therapist, feeding specialist, audiologist, and the list goes on. We will have our first appointment after birth within the first couple of weeks and will have follow up appointments weekly or biweekly for the first couple of months to check weight and feeding. He will have some genetics testing done to make sure there is nothing underlying that caused this or will cause anything else. We are probably looking at 2-3 surgeries before he is ONE! He will start speech therapy somewhere between 12-18 months. He will more than likely need a NAM device that will help bring the lip and gum together by helping to move and reshape the cleft area as he grows. This will help prepare him for cleft repair. Babies/kids with cleft lip and palate usually have on average 5-7 surgeries.

As we are getting closer and closer to meeting Baby Henry, we ask that you continue to pray for him to grow, that the fluid remains stable and that the rest of his anatomy continues to grow morally. We also ask you to continue to pray for our birth mother, that the Lord will guard her heart and emotions as she gets further along in the pregnancy. She said the hardest thing for her right now is looking like she’s pregnant. She said it is hard for her when people come up and want to talk about her being pregnant and congratulate her, she is just at a loss for words. I can not imagine all the things that she is going through. She is an answered prayer for us and we will continue to pray for her daily, just just now but for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for following along on this journey with us. We will continue to update you as we get closer to delivery as well as after. Please reach out if you have any questions about our journey through adoption etc. We are so excited to get to share our adoption story with each of you and help others start their own adoption journey.

God Bless,



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