Hey there, Baby Henry

This is my first time “blogging” but I felt like we needed to give an update on where we are with our adoption. So this update will be raw and straight from the heart, so bare with me.

First off, thank you for the continued prayers during the past couple of months, we have felt them. Not long after we matched with our birth mother, she had an appointment with her OBGYN for her 20 week ultrasound. They were able to get a few pictures but he was being a little stubborn and didn’t want to face the camera, however what they could see, they felt like he might have a cleft lip and wanted to send her to a high risk doctor for a second opinion.

The high risk appointment was today, which John and I were able to FaceTime in for the appointment, which was great for us to be able to see the ultrasound live and hear what the doctor was saying. After a few weeks of waiting and praying that the Lord would give clarity of this situation, whether is was or was not cleft lip, it was confirmed that he does in fact have a unilateral cleft lip on the left side as well as cleft palate. As hard as it is to hear that there is something wrong with your baby, we have felt peace knowing that this is something that can be fixed, this is something that is not “rare” for babies and we know that the Lord is ALL over the details.

In the next couple of months leading up to delivery, the birth mother will continue to meet with the high risk doctor monthly until he is born. We will do a lot of research, talk to other parents that have been down this road (have already been speaking to a few families today), we will have a consultation with the cleft clinic to get all information that we need to prepare for his arrival and most importantly we will continue to pray. We ask that you will continue to pray specifically for Henry, pray specifically that he will continue to grow, that he will be a full term baby as things are always more complicated with premature babies, pray specifically that he doesn’t have any fluid build up in utero as this can cause other complications.

We will do better with giving updates, even if it’s just an update on how we are feeling that week, how appointments are going etc. Thank you again for your continued support and prayers.


Ultrasound from 20 week appointment

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