“It might not be easy, but it will be AMAZING”

Anyone catch the Toyota commercial during the Super Bowl? If not, you should google it and watch it. As I heard the beginning of the commercial “we have found a baby for your adoption,” it caught my attention. I watched with anticipation for what the commercial was going to be about. Then the mom said “it might not be easy, but it will be amazing.”

As we look into the next couple of weeks/month, I couldn’t think of a better way to express this journey that we are about to be on…. no it’s not going to be easy, we will have to leave Hazel for a few days within the next week, when Henry arrives, to be at the hospital for his arrival. We will have to leave her periodically for appointments, surgeries, etc. John and I will have to be separated at times due to COVID restrictions and them only allowing one parent in certain appointments. We will live more like roommates at times, rather than spouses. We will have to watch as our newborn baby gets fitted for a device to help heal his cleft. We will have to watch the doctors roll him away to the ER at only a couple months old. But how amazing is it going to be to be parents to a precious little boy. How amazing is it going to be to watch Hazel transition into being a big sister. How amazing is it going to be to watch the bond form between Henry and Hazel. How amazing is it going to be to watch the doctors and nurses fix his cleft. How amazing is it going to be share our love for the Lord to every doctor and nurse we come in contact with over the next many years.

As we anticipate the arrival of Henry’s birth this week, I can’t help but think about all the “what if’s” that we will encounter, but always think about how blessed we are that The Lord has called us to be his parents. To be his advocate. To be his family. We know this won’t be easy but we know without any doubt that we are ready and as prepared as possible. We have the best support (family, friends, church family, prayer warriors, etc) and I know that we have the best doctors and nurses possible to help us along the way.

A little update: tomorrow (2/9), we go for our last OB appointment and unless he comes this week or weekend, we will be induced on 2/15. So please continue to pray for our birth mom as she is extremely uncomfortable in pregnancy right now and as she prepares to deliver. We also ask that you continue to lift her up in the coming weeks and months as she deals with all that comes with postpartum.

Thank you all for your prayers and generosity over the past couple weeks with baby gifts as we have been preparing for his arrival. Our next update will be from the hospital letting everyone know that he is here.


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