See you in a couple months

So I think the last thing that we updated was right after surgery. We finally got to see and hold him around 1PM and he pretty much snoozed for a couple of hours from that point. Every time he would wake up he would be VERY agitated but they said that is more him waking up from anesthesia than pain. We tried to feed him around 3:30 and he just screamed and I thought “we definitely aren’t going home tomorrow.”

Sure enough, once the anesthesia wore off and he woke up a little bit, he took 3 oz. It definitely seemed confusing for him with trying to figure out why his lip feels so weird.

His pain medicine (Tylenol) got overdue around shift change which caused him a lot of irritation and aggravation, but we realized at that point we will just have to keep him on every 4 hours around the clock for a little while until his pain calms down some. Once we started giving it to him every 4 hours on the dot, he seemed a lot more comfortable.

He took a whole bottle at midnight last night and hasn’t looked back. Some people have asked if he can take a bottle like normal now or if he can hold his paci in, unfortunately no. He still has his cleft palate which is what gives us the ability to “suck.” So even though on the outside he is closed up, on the inside it’s still opened. He still takes the same type of bottle, however he does eat faster, and you still have to help him hold his paci in. We will have his palate closure closer to the end of the year, and they say that it is a harder recovery than the lip, so we are not looking forward to that.

The hardest part about recovery and him coming off anesthesia etc is not being able to console him at all. Nothing you do helps and the look in his eyes is pure fear. I felt like at one point his eyes were saying “why did you do this to me.” It’s an awful feeling.

Because he did so well throughout the night, the doctor put in discharge orders first thing this morning. He got his last dose of steroids (to help with swelling) at 8AM and they got our discharge paperwork ready and we signed papers around 9:45.

Thank you all so much for following our journey and praying for Henry. They are much appreciated! please continue to pray for minimum pain and that he continues to eat well.

(He has to wear his arm restraints (no no’s) for a couple of weeks so that he doesn’t try and put his hands in his mouth)


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