Sorry we left you hanging

So where are we now… as we approach Henry’s next surgery and I was getting to share when his surgery is and what we are expecting, I realized we left you hanging after the TPR didn’t go through back in July with the sibling group. Life has been busy and we completely forgot to update everyone.

So after being told that the TPR was denied and we were no longer an option for those kids, we felt certain that the Lord called us to start the fostering journey for a reason and we were going to continued to proceed with what we had started. At they point all we needed to do was have our walk through portion of the home study, all of our paperwork was done. A week later we got a call saying that our finances weren’t what they wanted and this probably wouldn’t happen. Then the beginning of August rolled around and we all of a sudden needed to update certain paperwork and do additional paperwork (because new things were in effect as of August 1). As much as this frustrated us, we were still moving forward. Getting things updated etc. We then get a call that the private agency that we were working with was no longer going to represent us because we did not live in their area. The only reason they considered us from the beginning was because the kids were from their area. After this was brought to our attention, we decided to pump the brakes for a little while. We felt that the Lord calling us to start our foster care journey was definitely real but we also feel that He was testing us to see if we were willing to step out in faith and trust him. We feel that these roadblocks don’t just “happen” and that there is a reason that we kept getting told no, so we listened. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to jump back in, we just feel that right now, we need to get through this next surgery and recovery before we pursue fostering again.

Speaking of surgery, Henry’s next surgery is scheduled for November 9 (less than a month away). To say I am a nervous wreck would be an understatement. And to be honest, it’s not even really the “surgery” that I am nervous about, it’s the recovery. 9 out of 10 moms have told me that this palate surgery was the worst for their cleft baby and I know things can be different for us and I pray they are, but if you know Henry, you know he is a little bit dramatic and over the top about his emotions lol.

We also found out 2 weeks ago that he will be getting ear tubes placed while he is in the OR. Which seemed crazy to me considered he had never had an ear infection (until last week lol). But they explained to me that he has a lot of fluid in his ear and under his ear drums, which is common for Cleft babies but the fluid can effect his hearing. They sent us to the audiologist to get a hearing screen to check his hearing and sure enough he has moderate hearing lose. They do not think this will be permanent as long as we place the tubes and allow that fluid to get out of his ears. I am just thankful they are doing it at the same time as his palate surgery so we aren’t going back to the OR more times than we already are.

As always we ask for your prayers. Prayers for the surgeons, doctors, nurses, techs, etc that we will come in contact with and that will be taking care of Henry while we are there. Pray for us as we fight the anxiety that comes along with having a baby scheduled for surgery. Pray for recovery, that it is easy and pain is tolerated. Pray for Hazel as she doesn’t understand why we will be gone for a couple of days. And lastly pray for our parents that will be staying with Hazel while are with Henry. (2 year olds are so much fun and have a lot of energy) lol


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