The Lion, The Witch, and The Baby?

If you had any kind of imagination as a child there was magic all around you, waiting to be discovered and it always seemed to be hiding in plain sight. It could have been a book that looked out of place that needed to be pulled back or a candelabra that needed only the slightest adjustment to one of its arms and in an instant you could be standing at the doorway to a whole new world. If you were like me, it was a cabinet. It was in our living room and it was just big enough that I could crawl inside of it and wonder for hours about what life could be like, if only the world was just a little bit more like my dreams. As a child there is a certain level of magic we learn about from our favorite Disney characters or the books that are read to us as we wander off to sleep.

I will never forget when I read about the Pevensie Children. One day as they visited Professor Kirke’s House and played hide-and-seek, the youngest sibling Lucy discovered a wardrobe. As she nestled her way to the back of the coats, she stumbled upon the enchanted world of Narnia. If you know the story, she goes on to meet a faun named Mr. Tumnus who would change her life forever.

For some reason as an adult, the magic that at one time was all around us, seems to be harder to see these days. I guess that is what makes it all the more special when it does happen. When you actually discover something new and magical that you never knew existed, yet it had somehow been in front of you, or a part of you the whole time. And once you open the door, you find your Narnia and standing there waiting to greet you is Mr. Tumnus. It is at that moment you know your life may never be the same.

The beginning part of our adoption journey has felt this way for us, magical. Saying yes to our baby has changed the reality of what life will be for us, this side of heaven. It is as if we have opened this cabinet door to this new part of our hearts we never knew existed, but has somehow been a part of us and is awake for the first time. In it, there is this love for someone we have never laid eyes on before and it’s filled with hopes, and dreams for what their life could be.

To update you, when we first started this journey we were told we would be “paper pregnant.” We did not have any idea what that meant but as we have gotten into the paper work we totally get it now! Every free moment of our day, we are working on scheduling appointments, filling out paperwork, installing some sort of baby proofing thing, or waiting to get things back from other people so we can move forward. We are on track to be done with our first round of paperwork and testing by the end of January. Which means our “Home Study” will hopefully take place during the first week of February. As for the financials, between saving, investing, giving, and gifts we are sitting at around $3,000 of our $23,000 goal. We have a long way to go but hope to have more information soon on ways you can join us on our journey to bring home Baby Oliver.

The reason magic is so hard to find as an adult is, we’ve simply quit looking. We believe, magic happens when we open our hearts to the possibilities of what God has for us and how we can join others on their journeys. We pray as you join us, God opens the door to a whole new reality of what life could be like, this side of heaven for a child waiting for a place to dream, for a family, for us.

With Love,

John & Kristen


2 thoughts on “The Lion, The Witch, and The Baby?

  1. Nathanael Logan

    I can’t imagine the love you will feel when you bring your baby home. That love will be a miracle all by itself. It’s going to be a fun/exciting year. I just know it.


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