What does your umbrella look like?


Henry: Yesterday (6/3/21), we had Henry’s post-op appointment from his surgery. Everything looks great and is healing well. They told us to start with scar massages and to put scar cream on the lip (they gave us what they recommended that is safe for babies). Once the doctor was done seeing us, she said, “ok, I’m going to send you over to the scheduler’s office, and we’re going to go ahead and schedule his palate surgery.” My heart dropped. I thought we were going to have surgery again this summer, by the way she said it. I am NOT ready for palate surgery. Every person we have talked to, including our surgeon, has said that palate surgery is a more arduous recovery. Which if it’s harder than the lip has been, I need some time to prepare for it for sure. Lol. Luckily we are not scheduled for palate surgery until November, so we have time to prepare. Please pray for my anxiety about this surgery, as it is already worrying me. The surgery itself doesn’t make me any more anxious than the lip did (yet), but the recovery does. Basically, from now until November, we will not have to go back to Atlanta unless something comes up. What a blessing!


Hazel: In less than one week, our sweet Hazel Clark will be TWO!!!! I’m not sure how we got here, but I’m not ok with it. As hard as the toddler stage can sometimes be, I do not want it to end. This stage that she’s in is my absolute favorite. She is so much fun. She lights up a room everywhere she goes and always makes people smile and laugh. She is extra sassy sometimes but, on the flip side, is so loving and caring. She loves big and is the BEST big sister!


Family update: So… the other day, someone looked at Henry and said, “Does he have cleft lip?” I responded (John), “Yes, he does; he just had surgery last week.” Immediately he said, “Well, is it going to look any better than that?” At this point, the holy spirit took over because I didn’t punch the guy in the nose; I just laughed and said, “I think it looks awesome.” the conversation was innocent enough, and the guy meant no harm, but it was a reminder that not everything that we say out loud, should be said. So with that in mind, don’t be that guy with what we share next… this is the part of the blog you didn’t see coming, and neither did we.

About a month and a half ago, Kristen texted me in the middle of the day and said, “Do you want to adopt three more?” I said, “Do you want me to scream now or scream later?” At that point, she filled me in on the context of the message, a dear friend of Kristen’s reached out to her and asked, “want to adopt three more?” needless to say, she was in shock and thought she was joking. Well, she wasn’t. What followed was a conversation surrounding the details. Kristen and I discussed the details and took a day to process before discussing where our heads were at. One thing I say all the time is, “If you are praying for rain without carrying an umbrella, you’re just talking.” So once we decided to pray for God’s direction, we picked up our umbrellas.

So what does our umbrella look like? Fast forward to today. We are almost done with our paperwork and will start our foster care training in 2 weeks. We are opening our home up to a sibling group that needs a family. We know two of the three and are excited for the potential to welcome them into our home (Yes, we said three. Remember, don’t be that guy. ) The TPR (termination of parental rights) hearing is scheduled for sometime this summer, at that point, the judge will decide on reunification or granting the TPR which would make them eligible to be adopted. Regardless of the hearing outcome, we are going through with fostering and will hopefully be their foster parents in a couple of months 🤞🏼. If the judge grants the TPR, we will start the process of adoption.

We know this is a lot to take in. If you ask us, it all sounds a bit crazy given everything we have going on. We understand it will be chaotic, but we also know that people thought Noah was crazy when he said it would rain; he built his boat anyway. We can provide everything they need, love, a family, a fantastic community, and a church with a culture that cares for the orphan. We are not asking for your money; we need your prayers, not just for us as we transition our home and lives for them but also for these three kids. For them to feel loved and wanted, no matter the outcome, that they are open to joining our family.

So what happens next? To have our home study, we have to have rooms/beds etc., set up for them. So we have moved Henry to our room, put bunk beds up in Henry’s room, and our office will become another bedroom. Once we know for sure that they will be joining our family, we will discuss what it looks like to close in our garage and make either a big bedroom for 2 to share or to make two bedrooms, so they all have their own rooms as well as making our half bath a full bath. Everyone’s umbrella looks different. Are you carrying one with your prayers?


2 thoughts on “What does your umbrella look like?

  1. Deanna

    I just finished reading about those sweet children you will be fostering. The statement about what you can give them, love, family, community and a church that cares for the orphan says it all. Thankful for couples like you that are willing to step up to help these sweet innocent children . God bless you all!

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