Pray with us

A little over a month ago we announced that we were starting the process of fostering with the hopes of adoption. As of Saturday, we are officially done with our foster training, our paperwork’s done and we are waiting for our home study walk through.

Today we ask for specific prayers. The TPR (terminate parental rights) hearing for the biological mother is today and we are praying specifically that the judge grants it. We know this is a HUGE decision and is not only impacting these kids right now but for generations to come. We are praying for the judge and her decision. We’re praying to the attorneys, case workers, etc that are involved today. We are also praying for the birth mom, praying fir her heart, praying that she gets the help that she needs.

Pray with us that Gods will would be done in this situation. He knows our hearts, but he also knows better than us. We are ready and willing if this is what God has for our family.

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